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Club Wyndham Flynns Beach (Port Macquarie) - 5 Nights RRP$1,998.00
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Club Wyndham Flynns Beach (Port Macquarie) – 3 Nights

Club Wyndham Flynn Beach—a haven where inclusive travel during peak seasons, family-friendly accommodations, and coastal wonders unite to create cherished moments that last a lifetime.

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Escape to the breathtaking shores of Club Wyndham Flynn Beach in Port Macquarie—a coastal sanctuary that beckons families to indulge in an unforgettable getaway.

Inclusive Travel Over Peak Season in January, Easter, and all other School Holidays:

Experience the magic of Port Macquarie at its peak. Our exclusive deal allows you to revel in the beauty of January, Easter, or the September school holidays—the perfect times to embrace the sun-kissed beaches and vibrant atmosphere. Create treasured memories during these sought-after seasons, all within the lap of luxury.

Family-Oriented 2-Bedroom Apartments: Spacious 2-bedroom apartments redefine family comfort. Thoughtfully designed to accommodate your entire clan, these retreats offer ample space and modern amenities, ensuring every member enjoys their slice of paradise. Relax in style, knowing that comfort and convenience await your family at every turn.

Coastal Adventures Await: Beyond the comfort of your apartment, embark on a journey filled with endless adventures. Discover the region’s rich history, explore scenic trails, or simply unwind by the azure waters. From exciting activities to serene moments, Port Macquarie promises a kaleidoscope of experiences for every member of your family.

3 Nights.

2-Bedroom Apartment, sleeps four guests.

Available for travel from 6 January until 31 December 2024.

NOTE: This is a Basic package – Add-on’s available upon request.
Once booking confirmed someone will contact you for booking information. If for any reason your travel needs cannot be met a full refund will be given.