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Gemstone Mosaic Elegance Ring

A vibrant assembly of garnet, amethyst, peridot, topaz, and diamonds in a unique diagonal cluster setting on a 9ct yellow gold band.

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The Gemstone Mosaic Elegance Ring is a pre-loved piece that offers a colorful celebration of natural beauty through its exquisite array of gemstones. Centered in a diagonal square cluster, this ring features one round garnet, amethyst, peridot, and topaz, each gemstone measuring 3mm and set with four claws. The garnet presents a moderately bright mid-brown hue, while the amethyst displays a charming mid-purple. The peridot shines in a light yellowish-green, and the topaz in a moderately bright light blue, each adding their own splash of color and brilliance to the ensemble. Accentuating these vivid stones are four single-cut diamonds, totaling 0.02cts, rhodium-plated and grain-set in the split tapered shoulders on either side, adding a subtle sparkle that complements the colorful gems. The band, crafted from 9ct yellow gold, is quarter-round and measures 1.74mm, ensuring both elegance and comfort. Weighing 2.62 grams and sized O 1/4, this ring is valued at $975 and embodies a perfect blend of diverse gemstone hues and refined gold craftsmanship. Please inspect the photos for a closer look at this stunning piece and feel free to ask any questions. This ring is a testament to the timeless appeal and thoughtful curation of pre-loved jewellery, offering a sustainable and stylish choice. Price includes shipping within Australia.