Welcome to DealDash, the future of retailing here today.

We at DealDash see money as you do, enabling the best value in your retail experience.

DealDash is an Australian company dedicated to changing the way customers shop.

We have partnered with selected top retailers to bring you their products at the same if not better, retail prices but with the freedom for you to pay with a combination of AUD and other currencies or mediums of exchange, including digital and crypto currencies.

Simply browse, shop and pay as YOU please, utilising the currencies of your choice to pay for the goods and services within DealDash, if it is a currency we accept.

As we expand we intend accepting more and more alternate currencies.

DealDash answers your needs now and is designed to give you the best value by providing payment choices, given today’s High Street can’t.  You demanded change now and into the future.  DealDash shares your vision, enabling currency utilisation as YOU want it, making the most of your assets and your purchasing power now.

Thank you for visiting and supporting DealDash, and thank you for browsing…shopping… and paying as YOU please; we look forward to accommodating your shopping needs now and into the future.

Shopping freedom starts at DealDash; we look forward to seeing you again soon.



All products are paid for in a portion of Dollars and the Balance in your currency of choice. *T&Cs apply.



Pay with your currency, it is confirmed, pay with your dollars.



Order confirmed, Merchant confirms Shipment.

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What currencies can I use for payment?

At DealDash, we value our customers above all else. Which is why we are committed to servicing your needs and wants. So please engage and tell us what you like, what you don’t like and what you would like to see next! Let us know what you want using our Suggestion Box.