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What is split payment, and how does it work on DealDash website?

Split payment allows you to pay for your order using two different payment methods:

Stripe for traditional payments and a  wallet app or system for paying via another currency.

Which cryptocurrencies do you accept for split payments?

We currently accept Qoin for split payments. To use this option, you can download the Qoin Wallet app via the following links: APPLE & ANDROID. We will add more digital, crypto and other currencies soon, including Wrapped Bitcoin, Ethereum, Polygon, and Bartercard Trade Dollars.

Is my Qoin payment secure?

Absolutely, we take security seriously. The Payment is facilitated inside the Qoin Wallet app, using WalletConnet. To read more about their latest Security Audit,  click here.

Are there any additional fees for using split payments?

We do not charge any fees for split payments. However, please be aware of any charges that your bank or institution may charge and applicable shipping costs, if they apply to your order.

How do I track the status of my split payment order?

To track the status of your order, simply log into your DealDash account and review the order details. The Stripe payment status will be visible. To view your Qoin payment status simply log into your Qoin Wallet app and select the activity’s tab to view your Qoin payments.

Can I change the percentage split between Stripe and Qoin payments?

The split payment percentages are fixed and predetermined. You can view the Qoin amount for each product on the DealDash website, indicated as "*" alongside the FIAT amount in dollars as "$".

What is WalletConnect?

WalletConnect is a technology that enables you to connect your Qoin Wallet app to DealDash, allowing you to make Qoin payments seamlessly.

Are there any geographical restrictions on using split payments with Qoin Wallet app?

Split payments are currently supported in Australia. We are actively working to expand our service to other regions in the future.

Can I use split payments for both digital and physical products?

Yes, split payments can be used for both digital and physical products on the DealDash website.

How do I select the split payment option at checkout?

During the checkout process, once you've completed the Billing details, you'll find the Payment Information section. There, you can choose to pay with Qoin. After successfully completing the Qoin payment, you can proceed to pay the remaining amount via Stripe.

What happens if I don't have enough cryptocurrency in my wallet for the split payment?

If your Qoin wallet balance is insufficient for the split payment, you will need to add more Qoin to your wallet.

Can I get a refund for my split payment order?

Yes, our refund policy applies to split payment orders just as it does to other orders. You will receive a refund according to our standard refund policy.

What happens if I need to return a physical product from my split payment order?

Our return policy applies to all purchases. For detailed information, please review our return policy on our website.

How do I set up my Qoin Wallet app for payments?

To set up your Qoin Wallet app, make sure you have the latest version installed on your device. Ensure you have a valid Qoin account, then simply scan the QR code via WalletConnect to connect your Qoin wallet app and make payments with ease.

What should I do if I encounter issues with my split payment order?

If you encounter any issues during the split payment process, please don't hesitate to reach out to our customer support team. We are here to assist you and make your experience seamless.