Pay DealDash from your computer

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Pay DealDash from your phone

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Pay DealDash from your computer Steps


Ensure you are logged into DealDash as well as Qoin Wallet app installed on your mobile device with a verified user account.

To successfully complete the Qoin payment you need to ensure you have enough Qoin token in your Qoin wallet app.

  • Proceed to checkout once you have selected the product you would like to buy.
  • Complete Billing details.

Once billing is completed ensure you have the correct product and correct shipping selected (if shipping is applicable) before moving to payment section.


Once you are happy with your product and shipping (if shipping is applicable) proceed to Payment Information.

You need to read and accepts the terms and conditions.

Click on “PAY WITH QOIN” button, “Connect Wallet” screen will open.


Once you have clicked on the “PAY WITH QOIN” button, the following screen will open. It’s called “Connect Wallet”.

On this screen you need to click on "Qoin Wallet".


A Unique QR code will be generated that you will need to scan with “WalletConnect” supported within the Qoin Wallet app.


Open the Qoin Wallet app on your device, you need to be signed into the app.


Once signed into Qoin Wallet app you need to tap on the “Settings” tab at the bottom of the screen.


This is the “Settings” section of the Qoin Wallet app.


Once on the “Settings” tab you need to tap on “WalletConnect”.

  • This will launch the QR scanner to scan the QR code illustrated in above step 5.
  • Scan the QR code.

Once scanned you should received the following request to connect your Qoin Wallet app.


Tap on the “Connect” button.


Once you have tapped on the "Connect" button you will see this screen while the transaction is sent to the Qoin Wallet app.


Once the transaction is sent you will see this message on DealDash.


On the Qoin Wallet app you will see the confirm transaction screen.


On the confirm transaction screen tap on the “Confirm” button.


Once you have clicked on the "Confirm" button you will then see this screen on Qoin Wallet app. You have now completed the payment with Qoin Wallet app. 

You can view the transaction in the Qoin Wallet app by navigating to the "Activity" tab.


On DealDash you will see the following message while the transaction is still in progress. 


Once the transaction is completed you will see the following message on DealDash.


You can now pay the rest of the total amount by credit card.