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Contour Harmony – Pocket Coil – Medium Soft Mattress Queen

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Spinal Contour Harmony comes with high density padding with a pillow top. This includes pin core natural latex for healthier and cooler sleeping surface. The high density of the latex gives longevity to the mattress also. A high quality knitted fabric and a plush quilting on top gives an overall medium soft feel to the mattress. It is designed with non-flip technology and has handles on the sides for ease of handling and positioning. This mattress is made in Australia and comes with a ten year warranty.

Gel Comfort Mattress – Queen Sized

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The 7 zoned spring system provides extra support to the areas of the body which need the most support such as the back, while providing minimum pressure on the shoulders for a side sleeping person. It is very good for minimising partner disturbance in a mattress and features a non-roll effect for people with differing weights.