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Classic Crazy Paver

($60.00 + *$12.00)

*Payment in your selected alternate currency

Crazy-paver loose stone gives you the freedom to design your outdoor paving to your exact taste | In a classic cream finish for a modern aesthetic. ***********SOLD PER M2***********

Handmade Natural Oval River Stone Bathroom Basin

($120.00 + *$59.00)

*Payment in your selected alternate currency

All our Riverstone stone basins are unique in size and shape. Our basins are hand cut, carved and created from a single river boulder. We have maintained the natural rough exterior with a polished, smooth interior providing ultimate comfort.

Residential Solar Package and Installation

($4,000.00 + *$2,997.00)

*Payment in your selected alternate currency

Tier 1 panels industry leading warranties, latest N-type panels available, Inverters with 10 year warranty, Professional trades level workmanship, two panel array splits, requiring suitable site access and roof access, single phase power.