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Electricity Contract Procurement

With 20+ years’ experience operating independently in the energy market we leverage technology, market behaviour and data-driven insights.  We provide commercial businesses with transparent information to secure competitive energy contracts for Electricity.

If your invoice has Retail Charges and Network Charges separated, you are on a Large Market Contract and we can help by forward contracting in advance of the contract start when conditions are more favourable for a future start date, and providing advice on how long to contract to take advantage of future pricing conditions or minimise expected increases or price volatility.

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Are you looking for ways to save on energy costs and boost your bottom line? At Negawatt Energy Solutions (NES), we provide actionable steps to help you reduce your business’s energy costs and take back control of your energy portfolio. Operating throughout Australia and New Zealand, NES collaborates with leading businesses, corporate entities, and government organisations to optimise energy portfolios in the Natural Gas, LPG, and Electricity markets. With a modern approach to energy management and sustainability, we are dedicated to building partnerships that yield sustainable success and lasting gains. Our highly skilled team of energy experts works with you to reduce your bottom line and improve energy efficiency. With over 20 years of experience, we tailor our expert advice to meet your specific needs. We aim to engage our customers as partners, and together, procure, manage, optimise, monitor, and save energy. Reducing your energy costs can be challenging, especially if you’re going in blind. What if we told you that you could save money on your energy expenditure without sacrificing productivity or service quality? At NES, we provide an honest analysis of where your business currently stands and what needs to happen to achieve your goals. The best part? Our fees are not dependent on the outcome, allowing us to be completely upfront and transparent. How can we help you, right now? If you’re 6-12 months out from the renewal of your current energy contract, you could be in a strong position to minimise the contract renewal price across your building energy assets. Request your Energy Reduction Assessment, and we will help you get the best contract renewal possible. We benchmark your price against the current market and provide an independent comparison of the current price against recently received retail offers, ensuring you receive the best deal available. Let NES help you take control of your energy portfolio.