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Opal Triplet Signet Ring

Embrace the majestic blue-green flash of an opal triplet in this robust and textured 9ct yellow gold signet ring.

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Introducing the Opal Triplet Signet Ring, a statement piece that combines the allure of a striking opal with a distinctly masculine design. This pre-loved ring features a single oval cabochon opal triplet, measuring 9 x 6mm, which showcases a mesmerizing blue-green flash, captivating the eye with its vibrant play of colors. The opal is rub over set, ensuring its prominence and protection, while the band’s textured swept-up box-like shoulders add depth and intrigue to the overall design. Crafted from 9ct yellow gold, the band widens from a comfortable 3.6mm to a bold 10.33mm, providing a substantial and dignified look suited for a man’s ring. Weighing 5.56 grams and sized J 1/2, this ring is valued at $1,550 and is an exceptional choice for those seeking a unique and meaningful piece of jewelry. It demonstrates our commitment to sustainable luxury by repurposing and presenting pre-loved treasures. Please examine the photos to appreciate the detailed craftsmanship and do not hesitate to contact us with any questions. This piece is perfect for adding a touch of regal elegance to any gentleman’s collection. Price includes shipping within Australia.