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Timeless Claddagh Dual Band Gold Ring RRP$565.00
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Stellar White Sapphire Ring

Embrace the unique blend of yellow and white gold in this enchantingly designed ring, centered with a cluster of white sapphires.

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The Stellar White Sapphire Ring is an exquisite piece, showcasing a sophisticated mix of yellow and white gold. This ring features a central 3.0mm round cut white sapphire, claw-set in a white gold plate that brilliantly highlights its clarity and sparkle. Surrounding the central sapphire are eight 1.25mm round cut white sapphires, forming a radiant halo that enhances the main stone’s luminous effect. Additional charm is added by a 1.25mm white sapphire star-set into each of the small leaf-shaped flow-up shoulders, contributing to the ring’s overall elegant and organic design. The band, crafted from yellow gold, tapers slightly from 4.3mm to 4.4mm and is flat tapered for a comfortable fit. Weighing 3.0 grams and sized P 1/2, this ring is valued at $1230.00, offering an exceptional blend of artistic design and gemstone beauty. Please review the photos for a closer look at this stunning piece and feel free to ask any questions. This ring is a perfect example of our commitment to sustainable luxury, combining handcrafted elements with pre-loved materials for a truly unique jewelry experience. Price includes shipping within Australia.