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Timeless Claddagh Dual Band Gold Ring

Celebrate love, loyalty, and friendship with this traditional Claddagh ring in cast yellow gold, designed as a unique two-piece set.

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The Timeless Claddagh Dual Band Gold Ring is a symbol of enduring values, expertly crafted to honor the iconic Claddagh design. This special two-piece set allows each band to interlock seamlessly, featuring the classic elements of the Claddagh: hands for friendship, a heart for love, and a crown for loyalty. Each band is formed with a 1.3mm wide rounded shank, offering a delicate and comfortable fit. Although unstamped, the rings have been tested and confirmed as 9ct yellow gold, enhancing their traditional appeal with a warm, rich hue. The combined weight of the set is 3.0 grams, and it is sized R 1/2. Valued at $575, this Claddagh ring set is not only a piece of jewelry but also a meaningful heirloom that can be passed down through generations. Please review the photos to appreciate the craftsmanship and detail of these rings, and feel free to contact us with any inquiries. This set represents our commitment to sustainable luxury, breathing new life into a timeless symbol through pre-loved materials. Price includes shipping within Australia.